Role API Usage ECE 2.4.3

I'm having trouble using the API examples for ECE when viewing/creating roles found in this link

To display all roles this should be all I need to use according to the last example in the link above, but the error below is all I can get to return.

curl -X GET ""

{"ok":false,"message":"Unknown deployment."}

I've tried experimenting putting the endpoint in the command in different places with no luck.

ECE 2.4.3
Elasticsearch: 7.5.0

You need to connect to the ECE managed endpoint for your cluster.

That endpoint will have a UUID deployment ID at the beginning, and whatever custom domain you are using for ECE.

You can get that URL from the ECE console.

Then you want something in the form of:

curl -X GET -u elastic ""

That's what I needed thanks.

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