Role to view both aggregate and user data

(Matthew Field) #1

I have a use case which requires a user to be able to see their own documents and compare with trends in aggregate data of competitors documents.

I can that I can configure X-pack to enable a user to see only their own documents, but I cannot see how i can configure a role to enable them to see aggregate data across all documents without letting them see their individual competitor documents. Is this possible with X-pack?

At present i am in POC stage, so we are free to setup indexes and field structure pretty much the way we want to achieve this objective.


(Lukas Olson) #2

Unfortunately, this isn't something that is currently supported with X-Pack security.

(Matthew Field) #3

OK thanks anyway Lukas, I guess we can find a work around maybe creating an
aggregated data index, but of course that takes away part of the joy of

(system) #4

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