Multitenant ElasticSearch

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Hi forum.

I want use Elasticsearch for collecting data and i want that my users can't access other users' data.
In other words, i want make accounting access for my users.

How can i make that?

Thanks you all!

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Would suggest you look into the x-pack security options and configurations.

(Giuseppe Merlo) #3

Yes, i'm trying to use it and i think works fine.

But if i would use elasticsearch 2.4.4 and Kibi? I see there's Shield, but i haven't see it yet

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For ES 2.4.4 you should, as you state, look at Shield. Get in touch with the guys at They should be able to sort you out.

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Another question.

I'm using X-Pack, Elasticsearch 5.4 and Kibana and i want that my user can read documents from indexes. What role have i to assign to the user? I see that "Kibana_user" and "Kibana_system" permit to see Kibana sections, but do not permit to see documents from the user.

The only role that permits to see documents is "superuser".


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A user can have multiple roles. so you would give the user access to the kibana_user role in order to be able to use Kibana and then add other roles that control access to the indices being vizualised.

(Giuseppe Merlo) #7


But what is the role that permits to see documents in indexes?

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You need to create it so that it matches your requirements. If you have multiple user, you probably need to create a role per user.

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