Multitenant ElasticSearch

Hi forum.

I want use Elasticsearch for collecting data and i want that my users can't access other users' data.
In other words, i want make accounting access for my users.

How can i make that?

Thanks you all!

Would suggest you look into the x-pack security options and configurations.

Yes, i'm trying to use it and i think works fine.

But if i would use elasticsearch 2.4.4 and Kibi? I see there's Shield, but i haven't see it yet

For ES 2.4.4 you should, as you state, look at Shield. Get in touch with the guys at They should be able to sort you out.

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Another question.

I'm using X-Pack, Elasticsearch 5.4 and Kibana and i want that my user can read documents from indexes. What role have i to assign to the user? I see that "Kibana_user" and "Kibana_system" permit to see Kibana sections, but do not permit to see documents from the user.

The only role that permits to see documents is "superuser".


A user can have multiple roles. so you would give the user access to the kibana_user role in order to be able to use Kibana and then add other roles that control access to the indices being vizualised.


But what is the role that permits to see documents in indexes?

You need to create it so that it matches your requirements. If you have multiple user, you probably need to create a role per user.

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