Rolling back to ELK 6.2.4



With not being able to get Logstash working in the monitoring portion I was wondering if it is possible to roll back to 6.2.4 and then install x-pack without losing databases and see if that works?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Once you have upgraded Elasticsearch you cannot move back, it's due to the way Lucene works.

Perhaps if you share your problems with Logstash Monitoring we can help?



I would LOVE some assistance. Ever since upgrading the monitoring for logstash has not worked. The index is not being created etc. In my YML file for logstash I have monitoring enabled, yet in the logs, the runner says x-pack.monitoring enabled false.

(Mark Walkom) #4

You'll need to share your config and logs :slight_smile:

(Ioannis Kakavas) #5

We can maybe continue this on ELK 6.3 logstash not monitoring where @dalamar666 has already shared some information

(Mark Walkom) #6