Rolling upgrade - can't revert... :-(

OK, so I started an attempt to upgrade my elasticsearch node.
I had one node with 5.6.3 version and a few indices.
I added another node with version 6.8.12.
I Reindexed all my indices and added a prefix 6-8 so that new indices names are some-index-6.8
thought this process the nodes have crashed but in the end the reindex succeeded.
I have decided not to go thought with the upgrade and deleted the new indices.
But now I want to remove the extra node I added but some of the data is stored there and I can't seem to be able to move the shards to the original node.
Can someone please help me with this? This is just a nightmare...
I want to go back to the original setup - one node with 5.6.3 version.

From the docs;

In-place downgrades to earlier versions are not supported. To downgrade to an earlier version, restore a snapshot taken prior to the version upgrade.

Unless you have taken a backup, any data on the new node would be considered lost.

I didn't. :frowning:

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