Upgrade from 7.17.1 to 8.5.3 failed

here is error.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: cannot upgrade node because incompatible indices created with version [6.5.4] exist, while the minimum compatible index version is [7.0.0]. Upgrade your older indices by reindexing them in version [7.17.0] first.

now I can't find which one is old index. I found some thread but still can't figure out how to fix it.


this git issue is for that but how to upgrade or fix something before hand.


Referring to this discussion thread.

@DavidTurner created this. Can someone help me to find out which node it is.

ran following
GET /.*/_settings?human

and found one index .kibana_1 created_string: 6.5.4

can I just delete that index and try again?
Man it is big cluster. need to do all this over again...grhhh. :roll_eyes:

Are you running the upgrade assistant?

And yes 6.x indices can not migrate to 8.x AFAIK.

I would be surprised if that index is still in use... If you choose to delete it make sure you have a backup.

But to be clear not my area of deep expertise... Just thinking out loud


upgrade assistant didn't say anything about index.

they way I do upgrade is shutdown everything,
upgrade packages, change config if needed ( as i have tested in test cluster) then start up everything

I did upgrade one smaller cluster and had no such issue.

After deleting that index now that part is green

one more question. I have multiple datapath is define. can I upgrade with MDP


it says critical but it should be warning as per this

Perhaps you should upgrade to 7.17.6 (I know painful)

Looks like that was moved to warning in 7.17.4 per this.. if it made I see backport failed but you could try..

And yes multiple data paths are still supported but deprecated...

And the deprecation notice and migration planning

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I think this is a bug. I can see at least one way for this to happen: if the index is hidden. I opened a bug report:

Was this index hidden? If not, can you share its settings so we can see why else it might have been skipped?


yes it was hidden index .kibana_1 and .reporting

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just a update.
upgrade is completed.

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