Upgrade failed to 8.x

Error message: Upgrading the 7.17.4 ES version to 8.5.2 ES cluster getting the below message. We have checked the deprecation messages and upgrade assistant and nothing was reported.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: cannot upgrade node because incompatible indices created with version [6.4.3] exist, while the minimum compatible index version is [7.0.0]. Upgrade your older indices by reindexing them in version [7.17.0] first.

AS per below article i am downgrading to 7.17.4 but not sure whether it will come up fine as index metadata might be changed or corrupted. Also master node not discovered exception we are getting while downgrading to 7.17 and _cat/indices is not working.

Cluster came up after downgrade to 7.17.4. How to check the index version got updated to 7.17.4 from 6.4.3? Any other steps needed for that refresh?

Run the migration assistant in Kibana if you have not already. You will need to reindex any indices created under ES 6.x before you can migrate to ES 8.x.

upgrading to 7.17.4 doesn't change the index version to 7.x. Is this a bug? We have not directly migrated from 6.4 to 8.5 though

Not for old indices. This might require you to make decisions, so can not necessarily be done automatically. There is some functionality allowing you to read older indices but I have not used it.

Thanks. Is there a way to check the index metadata version ? We have roll back to 7.17.4 and like to know to check for index metadata version of it is changed to 7.x or still in 6.x which needs reindexing ?

I recommend you run the Kibana Upgrade Assistant.

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