Rollover policy is not working

my rollover policy is not working after the condition fail of 2mb document size can anyone please help me. I am newbie in elk stack.

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Please provide more information so that we can help you. If you are talking about ILM, then sharing your policy would be a good start.

Thankyou for your kind response.... I have attached screenshot of ILM plicy below

Generally ILM won't trigger on small sizes like that, you might need to try something a little larger.

Do you have any idea at which size ILM will trigger ?? Can we create index automatically every time if the condition specified in ILM fails?

Note that the total index size only takes the size of primary shards belonging to the index into account. As the number of replica shards across the cluster can quickly change over time they are not included in the calculation. I also believe ILM estimates the size as the actual size can vary a lot over time due to merging activity. It also only checks for rollover periodically and I think the default is 10 minutes or so.

Thankyou @Christian_Dahlqvist @warkolm, I got your point and try larger size and will let you know after it

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