Rollup Index Visualization Filtering Error

I'm having problems with a very basic area visualization using a rollup index.

I have created the rollup job with a few grouped terms and everything seems to be working. I create a rollup index pattern for the rollup index. Finally, I create a area visualization, add a date histogram for the x-axis and then create a split series sub-aggregation on a term.

The visualization seems to render just fine until I attempt to do any filtering either using the search bar or with the visualization. I get the following error:

Error in visualisation
[esaggs] > Cannot read property 'reject' of undefined

This happens with any visualization I attempt to create using the rollup index pattern. I'm using Elastic Cloud.


What version of Kibana are you using?


It's even happening with a fresh deployment using the web sample logs. I created a video showing exactly what's going on.

Thank you so much. That is clearly a bug, managed to reproduce it locally as well even on 7.8.0 (unreleased yet :smiley: ). i'll be adding the bug to the repo and contacting the team responsible.

Actually, there is an already open issue, with a workaround as well:

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