X of Y shards failed in 7.12

Hello there,

after upgrade Elastic Stack from 7.10 to 7.12 a lot of dasboards, visualization and searches in discover shows the error message X of Y shards failed. In most cases, reason is that the specific field is not leaf field. These conflicted field had always been there, but always this error showed up only if I search this particular field. Now error shows up even if I simply want to view some documents, where is field present. I cannot find anything in release notes about this or something like that and it causes us a lot of trouble, especially when logging something like Response body, which often differs if I request multiple APIs. Is there any way to make Kibana less strict about mapping again? Custom mapping is probably not an option for us, we have 10K+ diferrent indices.

Hi @d4nnyx,

Looks like your are hitting: Discover: Rollup index pattern doesn't work with source fetching · Issue #92362 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
Rollup indices have issues in Discover then discover:searchFieldsFromSource advanced option is enabled.
Could you check if this is the case for you?

Hello @dosant ,

yes, we enabled this setting, because the new multi-field view is really confusing. We use dynamic mapping and every text field has its keyword type, so basically every field has another field which I dont want to care about. Is there any workaround for this issue?

I am not aware of a workaround :frowning:

Could you please contribute to the discussion Discover: Rollup index pattern doesn't work with source fetching · Issue #92362 · elastic/kibana · GitHub with your use case? That would be helpful.


I just updated to 7.12.1 yesterday and now I'm seeing this in Discover, We have discover:searchFieldsFromSource enabled because we need to see the json structure, but We do not have rollup indices, this is an indice create by logstash.

Shoud I update this issue or create another one since I do not use rollup indices but I'm facing the same error reported on the issue?

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