X of n shards failed after refreshing Index Pattern

Hi all,
I am very new to ELK and I have been mainly using Kibana to do some visualization, which means that all the data has already been loaded into Kibana for me.
I have different indexes in Kibana and all of them were working fine until x of n shards started to fail in one of the indices (all the other ones are still working fine). The only thing that I can think about is that we asked for the Index Pattern to be refreshed in this specific Index that is failing.
When I use the dev tools, the status of this index is still green and I can still query anything I want. But whenever I try to use the discover, visualize, or dashboard tabs of Kibana the shards fail and I cannot see any results.
Is this because the Index Pattern was refreshed? If so, what should I do to solve the issue?

Any material or help is highly appreciated.

Usually this happens if some of your indices in your index pattern have different mappings for a given field. Could you provide a screenshot of the error as well as provide your mappings for this index pattern?

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