Shards failed when I add Visulization to the dashboard

Hello dear community I have a little problem when I try to add visualization , I import all the visualization of the previous version of Kibana 6.7.0 and I add it to the 7.1.1 Kibana version, visualizations objects has been imported and loaded fine I point into an Index with wildcard since my indices starts with specific names like discussion__*, Visualization data seems fine, it loads all the data, but when I add any visualizations that I imported previously, in the dashboard popups that 9 of 16 shards failed,
Any idea of how to fix this outcome? thank you in Advance
All ES and Kibana are Up in Elastic Cloud


So the way to isolate this problem would be for you to figure out which visualization is giving you this error.

Can you please add your visualizations one by one and open your logs- both Kibana logs and dev browser logs and check if there are any error messages?

Also did you make sure - you checked if there were any reindexing needed to be done for your index pattern and saved objects to ensure they worked ok in 7.1.1?


Hi all Visualizations that I imported says the same a numbers of shards fails, but I didn't understand the last thing you say, do I need reindex all my indices pointed to the pattern wildcard? since all my indices starts with this pattern discussion__* I don't know where the problems comes from. Anyway, I think I need to recreate all visualizations.

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