Rollup Visualizations - What's New in 6.5?

We've been using rollups since they arrived in (6.4 or 6.3?) and we had visualizations based on those rollup indices.

Now we read that 6.5 has a new beta function where visualizations of rollups is supported - what does this mean? We were already visualizing the rollups in bar charts etc! What's new? It's not described in the blog.

From the 6.5 release notes:

View rolled up data in visualizations (beta)

Kibana now has beta features for visualizing rolled up data. You can create index patterns that use rollup indices or mix rollup and raw indices to visualize all data together. Most visualizations support rolled up data, with the exception of Timelion, Visual Builder, and Vega visualizations. You can also create dashboards that use visualizations based on rolled up and raw data. Finally, both rolled up and raw data are available in Discover.

The documentation has a bit more information on how to use rollup index patterns for visualisation. The most important change is that some visualisations now support specialised index patterns that act on rolled-up indices. Note that currently visual builder does not yet support rollup index patterns.

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