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Hi !

I'd like to have some hints on how to visualize data from a rolled up index with Kibana.
Let's say my index contains CPU information. I create a simple visualization with kibana to see the evolution of CPU usage over time. Can I use the same visualization to see data from the rolled-up version of this index ?
It is said in the docs that a rolled up index has a /_rollup_search API, but I can't find anywhere where to tell kibana to use this endpoint rather than the /_search one.



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Kibana does not yet have support for using the _rollup_search endpoint, so until that has been added you can unfortunately not visualise rolled up data in Kibana.


Oh,that's a bummer :frowning:
Do you have any idea if it's coming any time soon ?
Is there any way to work around that limitation that comes to your mind ?

Thanks you anyway for your quick answer!

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It is being worked on, so hopefully it will not be too long.

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From the 6.5 release notes:

View rolled up data in visualizations (beta)

Kibana now has beta features for visualizing rolled up data. You can create index patterns that use rollup indices or mix rollup and raw indices to visualize all data together. Most visualizations support rolled up data, with the exception of Timelion, Visual Builder, and Vega visualizations. You can also create dashboards that use visualizations based on rolled up and raw data. Finally, both rolled up and raw data are available in Discover.


Sounds awesome ! Thanks for the sharing ! I hope the visual builder will be supported as well, it is really convenient to use.

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