Kibana Visualisation

Hi good People of the Elastic Community!

I am wondering on how to create a visualisation that has exactly the same overview like the hits counter graphic in the discover section of kibana? Can anyone provide insights to this.?

I would also like to know if it is possible to have the same information... from a rollup job.


Are you referring to the histogram chart on top of the document table?

If yes, that's a bar chart with a date histogram of your timefield on the x axis and the "count" aggregation on the y axis.

Yes! exactly that

it will work for rollup indices as well, but you have to make sure to create a rollup index pattern - see here:

I expected to be able to count the amounts of timefields...

What do you mean by that? Counting how many different time fields there are in your mapping? This is not what the histogram in discover does.

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