RSS feed into ELK. Can we do it with Filebeat?

Hey there!

Can we ingest RSS feeds into Filebeat?

I found a module for Logstash

but given my environment would be better doing it with Filebeat.

Any experience?

Much appreciated!


No, this is not possible with Filebeat. Filebeat is watching already existing files for changes and forwards those to Elasticsearch (or Logstash). It has no input for a URL like it is necessary for a RSS feed. So to make this work, the RSS would need to be written into a file, then it could be forwarded by filebeat. However, also the content of this file would need some preparation before ingesting. So I think logstash is a fine choice here.

BTW, this is the Kibana part of, so it's a bit off topic here :slight_smile:
Hope this helps nethertheless.


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