Run kibana as a service

How to run kibana and elasticsearch as a service

On which OS?

I wants to run it Ubuntu 14

You should be able to install from APT or download the .deb manually and run Kibana using either sysV or systemd. More details here:

Thankyou for the reply
My system uses SysV init
as i run the first step(sudo update-rc.d kibana defaults 95 10). It say that etc/init.d kibana file does not exist.

and in elasticsearch when i run this command (sudo /etc/init.d/elasticsearch start)
it says (You must set the ES_CLASSPATH var)

This may or may not help. :slight_smile:

what should i do for his issue (You must set the ES_CLASSPATH var).
Help would be really appreciated

You might want to ask that in the Elasticsearch forum

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