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I installed the kibana 5.5 tar. file. to make it run as a service i copied the kibana folder in (opt/kibana) and copied the kibana file (bin/kibana) to (etc/init.d) folder and ran the command
sudo update-rc.d kibana defaults 95
after it whenever i try to run sudo service kibana start
it says ( "unable to find usable node.js executable ").

Help would be really appreciated

Here is another post answering how to run kibana as a service Running kibana as a service on Linux

Thankyou for the reply
But the instructions which are given there are for debian not for tar.
i have already installed the tar package

You will need to build your own service file for that, we don't provide one in the tar.gz.

It would be very easy to switch from running Kibana from the tar you downloaded to running the service.

Just follow the instructions to either set up the repo so that you can use apt-get install kibana, or download the .deb package and dpkg -i kibana..<your version>.deb.

Then copy any config file changes you have made in your kibana.yml from your tar install to /etc/kibana/kibana.yml

Then service kibana start. Since Kibana stores all it's objects in Elasticsearch it should all be there in your Kibana running as a service.

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and what should i do for elasticsearch

You can also download and install the Elasticsearch .deb package. Then you should edit /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml and make sure your data path points to your previous data directory, or copy your data directory from your old tar.gz install to the new default location /var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/

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