Running Kibana as a Service SysV init - Systemd which one is better?

Hello All,

  1. Running the kibana as a service in Ubuntu which one is better SysV init or Systemd ?
  2. Can we change the service from Systemd to SysV without reinstalling the Kibana?
  3. What is the default mode of Kibana running SysV or Systemd?


Hey Prabakar,

basically there is no "default" mode. We provide startup scripts for both systems, so that you can easily integrate it with whatever init system you are using.

If you are using system.d, use the systemd script, if you are using SysV, just use it to enable Kibana.

If you switch your init system, you can of course switch the init script you are using, without any re-installation.

Since you said you are running on Ubuntu, I assume you are most likely using systemd, and thus should follow the instructions running Kibana via systemd.


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