Kibana sysV init.d did not start after killed

I'm trying to run kibana as a service on AWS EC2(Amazon Linux 1) with 1GB RAM.
Kibana 6.8.6
Installed by RPM
run with SysV init

And the problem is when I use the Discover to query large size of data, Kibana will terminate. I think it may be cause by memory not enough, because there is a large float array in our data, but I hope to restart it automatically.

So I ssh into the machine and manually killed the process by
sudo kill $KIBANA_PID
Kibana service didn't start automatically, I need to
sudo service kibana start
manually to restart it.

Is there any way to let it restart automatically?
I didn't modify any script about sysV and upstart

Under management -> index patterns, you can set Source filters to exclude one or more fields when fetching the document source. This may help prevent crashes by excluding large fields.

Thanks for the reply!
This really help me. Now the discover page works well !

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