Run remote commands from DevTools


I configured out this scenario

cluster: lab

  • client-node
  • data-node
  • master-node

cluster: kibana-lab

  • els + kibana (localhost)
  • remote cluster config

When a run command 'GET /_remote/info' from DevTools in kibana, I received the correct result;

When a run 'GET /cluster_data:netflix/_search' from DevTools in kibana, I received the correct result too;

But, when I tried create a index on remote cluster I received this error:

PUT /cluster_data/shakespeare { "mappings": { "doc": { "properties": { "speaker": {"type": "keyword"}, "play_name": {"type": "keyword"}, "line_id": {"type": "integer"}, "speech_number": {"type": "integer"} } } }}

  "error": "Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/cluster_data/shakespeare?pretty] and method [PUT], allowed: [POST]",
  "status": 405

PUT /cluster_data:shakespeare/ { "mappings": { "doc": { "properties": { "speaker": {"type": "keyword"}, "play_name": {"type": "keyword"}, "line_id": {"type": "integer"}, "speech_number": {"type": "integer"} } } }}

#! Deprecation: index or alias name [cluster_data:shakespeare] containing ':' is deprecated. Elasticsearch 7.x will read, but not allow creation of new indices containing ':'
#! Deprecation: the default number of shards will change from [5] to [1] in 7.0.0; if you wish to continue using the default of [5] shards, you must manage this on the create index request or with an index template
  "acknowledged" : true,
  "shards_acknowledged" : true,
  "index" : "cluster_data:shakespeare"

But, this is created in kibana-cluster...

So, is possible make this?


As far as I know cross-cluster search only exposes search APIs and not system APIs. This is why you can search but not create indices or get remote cluster statistics.

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