Using dev-tool (console) from monitoring cluster

Hi folks

I have two clusters: monitoring (with kibana installed) and prod.
Now I want to use kibana "dev tool"(console), but I want to send queries and get answers from my prod cluster instead monitoring

I try set elasticsearch.url: "http://prod.master.ip.add:9200" settings, but when I put it to kibana.yml I lost my monitoring data: monitoring tool show me "there is no data"
(look like this setting do the same as setting - change server where kibana store data)

Hey Oleg,

unfortunately you currently cannot specify a separate URL for the dev tools, than the primary ES instance, that Kibana is talking to. Please feel free to open a feature request for this on GitHub.

The way you can achieve this currently is to setup Cross Cluster Search in your Monitoring cluster, so that you can use the monitoring cluster to search in your production cluster.


Thx Tim.
I read about cross-cluster search and I have little questions:
when I wrote to this monitoring cluster nodes config file

> search:
>     remote:
>         cluster_one: 
>             seeds:

I need to write masters IP there? Can I wrote more than one master IP (I have 3 of them in prod cluster)

You should be able to specify an array of IPs like that: seeds: ['', 'otherip:9300' ]

Though I was just informed, that the possibility to configure Cross cluster search via the config files, will most likely be removed in further versions, and you will always need to specify it via the API, see elasticsearch/#27006.

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