Setup Marvel monitoring cluster


I'm reading the installation documentation for Marvel and this grabbed my attention:

Configure Kibana to connect to your monitoring cluster by setting the elasticsearch_url property in the kibana.yml configuration file. For example:

elasticsearch_url: "http://es-mon-1:9200"

Now this works well if I only want to install Marvel on Kibana and have the marvel indices stored on a different cluster. But what if I want to have my own Kibana dashboard as well to visualize my work cluster? How can I tell Kibana to use two different clusters?


In the kibana.yml, your monitoring cluster configuration is separate from the "production"-cluster.

So you'd have something like:

     url: "http://localhost:9210"
     username: "kibana" # use built-in user
     password: "changeme"

But your elasticsearch production url would still be:

elasticsearch.url: "http://localhost:9200"

So you can use Kibana to visualize your production data (on 9200), but you'll also can use the monitoring plugin in Kibana to see what's being collected in your monitoring cluster (on 9210).


Is this supported in ES 2.4?

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