Kibana and marvel agent

I have 17 node ES cluster, I have marvel-agent installed on all nodes. Should I install kibana on 17 nodes or any one of the node?

Are you still on version 2.X of Elasticsearch?

Yes we are on 2.3.2 version.

Any idea about this?

You should look into upgrading to 5.x / 6.x to get a lot of performance updates and information updates to Marvel in the renamed Monitoring.

You only need a single instance of Kibana to use monitoring, and while you technically can install that on any node, I would recommend installing it onto its own server like any other server process.

You will then need to install the marvel plugin in Kibana 4.x. If you upgrade to 5.x, you will only need x-pack in both ES and Kibana. If you can make it all the way to 6.3+, then you do not need to install anything other than ES and Kibana using the default install.

We are using ES 2.x version. If I installed kibana on any one of the node how can I access the kibana with same ES url with 5601 port?

If it's on the same node, then you just need to set the setting in kibana.yml. For ES 2.3, you should be running Kibana 4.5.x:

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