Monitoring remote ES in local Kibana

I am new to Elastic and Kibana.
I am running Elastic and Kibana on my dev-machine.
I can see one ES node at this machine and i have already created indexes and i have some data in ES.

Now i try to set up ES on a second machine on my network, lets call it prod-machine.
I installed java and ES with brew.
I edited the elastic search.yml on that prod-machine like this:
transport.tcp.port: 9300
ES is running on that machine without Kibana.

Then in Kibana on my dev-machine, i added the prod-machine under management / remote clusters / add new cluster. It is connected under

Why i can't see it under monitoring / clusters ?
I edited the kibana.yml on my dev-machine like this:
elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://localhost:9200","" ]

Now i get this error:
[17:10:06.947] [error][elasticsearch][security] Request error, retrying
GET => Parse Error

[17:10:13.608] [error][elasticsearch][monitoring] Request error, retrying
POST => Parse Error

Kibana is not running with that error,
How to tell Kibana on my dev-machine, to find ES on and show it under Monitoring / Clusters / elasticsearch?

By the way, is there german forum ? maybe i need a german tutorial :wink:

Thanks for your help !

Hi @matthiaskoch,

For elasticsearch.hosts, you should use the http port. If you are connecting a remote cluster, you'll want to use the tcp port.

This should work. Did you verify there is monitoring data on this ES node?

Hey Chris,
thanks for your replay. i changed kibana.yml on dev-machine to


  • tcp://

and got this error.
FATAL Error: [elasticsearch.hosts]: types that failed validation:

  • [elasticsearch.hosts.0]: expected value of type [string] but got [Array].
  • [elasticsearch.hosts.1.0]: expected URI with scheme [http|https] but but got [tcp://].

The only config, that kibana is accepting is

if i add a second ip-addresss, i got errors..

Hey @matthiaskoch,

Sorry for the confusion.

elasticsearch.hosts being localhost:9200 is totally fine.

So to clarify, you added a remote cluster (which is through Kibana, and Kibana indicates that the cluster is up and running?

Thanks ! all is fine now

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