Point Kibana 'Dev Tools' to remote ES cluster

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Hi all,

I have 2 clusters: compute and monitoring running on v5.5.2
Kibana is installed on monitoring cluster and point to localhost.
On compute I have x-pack exporters pointed to monitoring cluster, so from this perspective monitoring works well.
But how can I use 'Dev tools' console to query remote compute cluster rather that local monitoring? In 2.x ES it works nicely with Sense plugin.

I know I can update 'elasticsearch.url' with remote url but then all monitoring indices became unavailable.

Is Kibana designed to run remote queries with dev tools but use monitoring data from local cluster?

Thanks ahead

Impossible to use both Monitoring and DevTools Console with monitoring cluster on basic license(!)?
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I'm pretty sure you could use Cross Cluster Search. See the docs below. You would configure the monitoring cluster to give access to the compute cluster. Then in the Dev Tools Console you would use an index pattern that includes the remote cluster name like compute:my_index


Let me know if you need help with it.


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