Run tests from intellij idea

Good afternoon.

I'm trying to run test from intellij idea. I have executed all the advices from ( in the "Configuring IDEs And Running Tests" chapter):

Unfortunately I have the same error for all the tests I run:

"Error:(31, 16) java: cannot find symbol
symbol: variable ExtendedPluginsClassLoader
location: class org.elasticsearch.plugins.PluginLoaderIndirection"

The class PluginLoaderIndirection is ok, no dependencies error. I even have started the elasticsearch from sources with kibana and it works good. Could you help me please?

This looks like this issue:

The solution is to run a test from the main project first. org.elasticsearch.common.ReleasablesTests is a good candidate, it's very short.

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Oops, I overlooked that. Thanks very much.

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