Run two nodes at ElasticSearch


I checked out ElasticSearch from github and added some code. I was able to test it with "gradlew run" on a cluster of a single node.

Now I would like to create a cluster of two nodes on the same development machine using the new code. What are the steps to do that?

If I can still rely on "gradlew run", I tried to update distribution/src/config/elasticsearch.yml and run "gradlew run" but it doesn't seem to change.

If I cannot rely on "gradlew run", how do I build the project and run it to create the nodes locally for a cluster?

Why not just use a tar.gz/zip/exe/deb/rpm/docker instance?

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The reason why I need to run the locally built artifacts is I have changed the application code and want to verify it in a cluster. So I cannot use downloaded releases.

./gradlew assemble builds the distribution artifacts (tarballs etc.). Once built, you can unpack them and run them similarly to a released artifact. The details are in the contributing guide.

Thank you so much, David! I should have found and read this useful

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