Running elasticsearch as a service on Linux

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OS: Linux

I used putty to remotely install elasticsearch on linux machine as follows:-

  1. Download the Elasticsearch 2.1.1 tar
    curl -L -O
  2. Extract it
    tar -xvf elasticsearch-2.1.1.tar.gz
  3. Added,, and http.port in elasticsearch.yml
  4. After that I started elasticsearch as:-

Now, how do I need to run it as a service.??

(Isabel Drost-Fromm) #2

There are extensive docs on how to install Elasticsearch based on target platform here:

As you started with the tar.gz you might want to look here for how to run that as a daemon:

However, I think this is not actually the distribution you want to use. I think, you'd be better off installing the rpm or deb (depending on your Linux distribution) and going from there as that will use the correct system directories, create specific ES users etc. Also you will probably want to go through the bootstrap checks detailed in the same docs.

Hope this helps,

(Aviral Srivastava) #3

Thanks, @mainec for the reply.

I am able to run it as a service.

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