Running Kibana from a read only directory [5.4]

Hi all,

I'm attempting to run Kibana from a read only directory, and I was hoping someone could give me a good idea of what files Kibana attempts to write to its installation directory.

I'm aware of .babel.json being created in the optimize directory, and I know I can get that written out elsewhere with the BABEL_CACHE_PATH environment variable.

I'm also aware of the data/uuid file that Kibana writes to, which can be changed with the Kibana configuration.

Is anyone aware of any other files that are written out by Kibana to its install directory?


Hi @James_Giles,

if you are using x-pack, the data directory will be used to store various temporary data as well, but that should be covered by the setting. Depending on the distribution you are using, the startup scripts might write PID and log files, but those are usually located in /var or /run.

Hi @weltenwort,

I've configured the pid and log files to a writeable directory, so I think I'm okay there.
Seems like I have everything covered - thanks for your time in responding!


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