S3 repository only shows one available snapshot


I'm making snapshots using s3 repository. Currently, I'm storing snapshots into one bucket.

I've made three snapshots, nevertheless, when I'm trying to get which ones are there, it only print me out one (the first one):

As you can see into the image, I've created three snapshots, nevertheless, when I perform a:

$ -XGET _snapshot/s3dev/_all?pretty

I'm getting this:

  "snapshots" : [
      "snapshot" : "20170427-121913",
      "uuid" : "20170427-121913",
      "version_id" : 2040099,
      "version" : "2.4.0",
      "indices" : [
      "state" : "SUCCESS",
      "start_time" : "2017-04-27T12:19:13.303Z",
      "start_time_in_millis" : 1493295553303,
      "end_time" : "2017-04-27T12:19:17.544Z",
      "end_time_in_millis" : 1493295557544,
      "duration_in_millis" : 4241,
      "failures" : [ ],
      "shards" : {
        "total" : 10,
        "failed" : 0,
        "successful" : 10

I don't quite figure out why I'm getting only want available snapshot...

Any ideas?

(Ali Beyad) #2

It looks like you are missing index-N blogs in your S3 bucket. Right now, you only have index-0, but since you took 3 snapshots, the index version should be at 2 now, i.e. index-2. Were these blobs inadvertently deleted?

Also, can you relate to me the contents of index.latest? Its in a binary format, so what you will have to do is show me the hex values in that file. An easy way to do this is open index.latest in the vi editor, and then type :%!xxd followed by enter... it will give you the contents in hex format, which you can then paste here.

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