S3 to elastic

Hi ,

I am trying to push log files from some devices to s3
And from s3 to elasticsearch using logstash and visualize in kibana.

Now I am doing it via ec2 instance from aws.
But when I POST
[{"SessionID":"868672020397037-168099693be-6e34795e-758b-4eb5-8c6e-190e1cb36199","Study":"TestStudy","Locale":"en_US","ProdVer":"2.0.0","StudyVer":"00.01","Sponsor":"ERT","Device":"1331","Type":"SessionStart","Level":"INFO","Message":"Session","Source":"SitePad App","Location":"actions.transmitLogs","Site":"5552","ClientTime":"2019-01-01T13:24:49.727"},]

to an index via the kibana console it shows up in the following format

but when i send the data through logstash and open it in kibana it comes in this format

all clubed togther
But I want it like how it is in the first picture

Any suggestion,

THank you,
Mohit Ruke

Please do not post pictures of text, just post the text and format it using markdown.

understood! Do you have any suggestion for my query >

You could use a json filter to parse the JSON.

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