Salesforce Integration in Elastic

I've connected Salesforce to Workplace Search source with proper authentication.
I also get content items in Source overview section.
I am wondering how I can visualize Salesforce data in Kibana like other integration. I wouldn't be able to get any salesforce related data in Discover section.

Hey Sakib,

What version of Enterprise Search are you running? If you look for hidden indices named with a .ent-search- prefix, I bet you'll see an index in there with a document count matching what your Salesforce content source shows. This relies on your logged in Kibana user having read access to that index pattern.

I hope that helps!


Hello Ross,

Thank you for your valuable answer.
Currently we are running Enterprise Search 8.2.3.
I've searched indices with a .ent-search- prefix, but couldn't find any fields.

As I created an index based on salesforce fields in elastic, it shows some empty fields in dashboard.

The logstream shows some salesforce events coming.

And the Kibana user has admin and superuser access.

I've followed the following document also to create dashboard for workplace search. But unfortunately not getting any data based on .ent-search- prefix.

Hoping for your valuable suggestions. Thanks


Hey Sakib,

I'm pretty sure the index you're looking for should have a prefix of .ent-search-engine-documents-. Try heading over to
Index Management and finding it there. You'll need to toggle Include hidden indices.

The index may also have an alias with a prefix of enterprise-search-engine-, which you might want to try in Discover in case you're running into trouble from the actual index name starting with a ..

Finally, you linked to a blog post about analyzing search usage. I'll note that this analyzes data around search activity, not the contents in your documents index directly.

I hope that helps!


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Thank you Ross for your valuable information. I got the index by toggling hidden indices.

But the issue is I cannot get any of the data related to salesforce or ent-search in discover/dashboard section.

I understand the documents are pulling from salesforce, but I am not able to visualize it in Discover/Dashboard.

Is there any way I can do it?



I'm noticing your time range in the screenshot is last 15 minutes. What if you expand that?

Same for 30 days as well.

We've confirmed the index you're expecting to exist is there, and that it has the correct amount of documents that correspond with your Salesforce data. I think you're just running into an issue with exposing that index's documents in Discover. You may want to start here: Discover | Kibana Guide [8.4] | Elastic.

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