Satellite Tile Map in Kibana

Hi All,

I'm trying to get the Kibana Maps app to show satellite images rather than the standard cartesian "road_map" that's provided by default.

Is it possible to connect it to another data source for this? If so is there a guide online or a tutorial. I'm thinking like connecting it to the Google Maps API to fetch tiles.



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FYI, anyone who finds this thread through a google search in a few years time....

I solved this via this post :-

Summary: you use the URL:{x}&y={y}&z={z} in the custom tile layer

You can customise lyrs=m with the following...

Where lyrs=

h = roads only
m = standard roadmap
p = terrain
r = somehow altered roadmap
s = satellite only
t = terrain only
y = hybrid

Now, I've not been able to find any official google documentation about this API so it may not be officially supported. Especially since it doesn't require an API key which most of GMaps seems to need. So, YMMV. But it looks good for development even if not production.




There are other examples of third party basemaps in this blog post.

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