Save timeline in Kibana 8.8.0

Hello everyone,

after updating the elastic stack to 8.8.0 it is often not possible to save a timeline.
It happens after I have been investigating with an untitled timeline. Once I decide to give it a title to save it just won't do anything (no reaction to the click/loading/progress bars). There are no errors in the kibana logs, so it seems to be a ui issue?
As a workaround I go to a different browser, create a new timeline with only a title, save it, and then add my filters from the untitled timeline afterwards. However this is a very cumbersome workflow and costs a lot of time, as opposed to just saving the timeline I have already been working in.
I experienced the issue with chrome and edge browser.

Is this a known bug or is there a way I can fix this behaviour?

Hi @hanna,

Thanks for flagging this issue. I do see this issue raised a few days ago that is being worked on. Can you confirm if this matches your experience?

If so I would recommend watching the issue to find out when it's released.

Hope that helps!

I am indeed experiencing a similar issue, they could definitely be connected. I will wait for the next update and see if it resolves the issue for me.
Thank you for your answer :sunny:

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