Saved Items Import/Export Json/ndjson discrepancy


We have a Dev and Prod copy of Kibana, our Dev is 7.1.0, our Prod is 7.2.0

The problem is when developing in Dev and exporting, we get a .json file which gives an warning when importing into Prod and nothing in Prod can be sent back to Dev. Has this been a change during the version upgrade from 7.1.0 to 7.2.0 as I cannot find anything in the changelogs specifically stating export format changed from .json to .ndjson

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Hi @SpinDORK,

Can you give us the warning you are seeing?



So .json format got deprecated in 7.2.0 and we have the .ndjson format now. But .json format wont be going away for a while yet.

Here is the PR for it:

Were you able to import without any problems? or were there any issues?



Well unfortunately some of our dashboards and visualisations were developed in Prod so we need to retroactively export them back into Dev to mirror. So when I export a dashboard from Prod and import into Dev I get this error;

Sorry, there was an error
The file could not be processed.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to give me any more information other than that.

Dev --> Prod works but not Prod --> Dev

Is there any work around for this?

I get the same error exporting from 7.3.1 and importing into 7.1.1 - is there a workaround please (I can't upgrade the 7.1.1 Kibana)?

So far we've just had to rebuild the dashboards 1:1 manually.

@LizaD @bhavyarm is there any workaround?

I checked with our dev team and they said we don't support downgrade patterns, only upgrade.

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