Scaling Out a Cloud Deployment

We have an Elastic Cloud deployment and I'd like to scale out the hot data tier. However, it's not clear to me how to scale out vs. scaling up. Questions:

  1. Does changing "Size per zone" result in scaling out or only in scaling up?
  2. Does increasing the availability zones effectively scale out the cluster or are these additional instances only for high availability/redundancy?
  3. Are there any limitations on scaling down, as long as our storage needs are still met? We'd like to scale out temporarily and then return to current scale.


Scaling up is treated the same as scaling out for Cloud, as you can't define specific node counts (eg 4 nodes of 8GB).

Other than disk and heap space, the real limitation on scaling down would be based on your needs (eg response/indexing SLAs).

I think this is what I want to clarify. Can you scale out with Elastic Cloud? I.e., increase the number of nodes? The only option I see is to scale up.

In each zone there is 1 node until your get to 58 GB which is the max node size, after that when you scale you will Begin to add additional 58GB nodes.

So if you set 174GB in 1 zone that will be 3 x 58GB nodes

Below 58GB it will always be just a single node.

This for data nodes for example there some slight difference for other components but same basic concept.

If you look at the little architecture picture to the right when selecting the configuration you will see the nodes represented.

Hope that helps.

Ah, that is what I was looking for. Thank you!

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