Scripted field

Hi all,
My index fields consists of

  1. index_name (containing P01, P02)
  2. X (numbers)

How can i scripted the field to display the subtracted result of P01 of X - P02 of X?
Thanks in advance.

Can you please show an example document and what the expected output would be?

Hi Christian,
X of P01 = 10
X of P02 = 8

Graph to show net value of X - 2


That does not show the document structure. Scripted fields are limited to the scope of a single document, so if these values reside in different documents you will not be able to use scripted fields.

Apologies for late reply, hope this helps. Can I script to subtract X from different index_name in same index pattern?

"_source": {
"index_name": "P01",
"statistic_type": "count",
"x": 10

"_source": {
"index_name": "P02",
"statistic_type": "count",
"x": 2


No. Scripted fields require all data to be in a single document.

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