Search Applications with Search UI


I tried to integrate Search Applications with Search UI as described in the Kibana frontend when I created a new Search Application sample-search-app.

import EnginesAPIConnector from "@elastic/search-ui-engines-connector";

const connector = new EnginesAPIConnector({
  host: "https://localhost:9200",
  engineName: "sample-search-app",
  apiKey: "<YOUR_API_KEY>"

I integrated this code in my Search UI app and replaced the old App Search connector. Now the application wants do request the data from Elasticsearch directly (okay - I have to use a Proxy later).

But something went wrong. The connector should request the data from the following URL:


But it seems that he tries to use an old App Search Engine URL - the Browser error message shows me:

POST http://localhost:9200/api/engines/sample-search-app/_search net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

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