Search For String That Doesn't End With $ In KQL


I am trying to perform a Kibana KQL search on a text field for any value that doesn't end in $

For instance, when parsing Windows Event Logs for successful/unsuccessful logins, I am trying to not show computer accounts (which end with $).

I have looked at sever other questions around this same concept (Regex search where a string field ends with $) but that solution isn't working for me as I it is using lucene, not KQL.

I know that KQL supports wildcards so I was assuming it was going to be a query along the lines of:
not accountName: *$

However that hasn't worked.

While not as clean, I have also been looking for a way to search for any entries that contain a $ anywhere in them but that hasn't worked either.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


Hey @joshuasmith, unfortunately this isn't currently available. is tracking the addition of this feature, if you could give this issue a +1 or comment on it with your unique needs, it'll allow us to prioritize it appropriately.

OK, thanks Brandon, I went ahead and commented on the issue.

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