Search key_value_pair to create data table in Kibana

I have the following key_value_pairs from Logstash made available in Kibana
PROD=TEST_NAME VERS=113 35=A 34=1 49=DLR TIME=20200316-21:31:43.464

My use of Kibana with the log ingested, is to create a data table without any aggregation wherein key in key_value_pairs corresponding to columns and the values representing cell values.
for e.g. PROD, VERS, 35, 49, TIME are the columns that I need to add in the "Discover" tab.

Is it possible to add specific keys from key_value_pairs as a "Selected Field"?
Or do I have to write a plugin to process they key_value_pairs as a visualization plugin?

Hey @salunkerahul,

If I understand correctly, it sounds like you're looking for a pivot table. Kibana doesn't have built-in support for these yet, but there is an open issue where we're tracking this:

This link also references a couple of community plugins which attempt to offer this functionality, but I haven't personally looked into them

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