Search not working for more than two words. 2 issues and 1 doubt in Elastic search

Recently, I migrate MySQL database to Elasticsearch.
and its basically dump of million resumes.

Now, I am using official PHPClient API to interact with Elasticsearch.

below is my cluster index fields

[name, email, state, resume_text, visa]

I have few questions. I tried searching online resources to tweak my search.
But could not meet with my requirement.

Below is the issues, I am head on wall to it.

Issue 1 :

tried to search "content management system" with field resume_text
could get the desired result, the search result is worst, sometimes cant even find "content", "management" or "system"
few resumes.

So, with <2 words, its returns bad result set.

Below is the syntax, i got from documentation and other resources

$searchParams['body']['query']['bool']['must'] = array('match' => array('resume_text' => $skill_name));

I tried even term, but not good result.
I dont know, what I did wrong.

Issue 2 :

I need to get the resumes, with respect to location i.e. "state".
I tried to search with <1 state, it doesnt give proper results. I get other states resumes too.
only one state works perfect.
Alabama and Alaska, it should get me only these two results

$searchParams['body']['query']['bool']['should']['term'] = array('cur_state' => $state_name);

Issue 3 : [ Not an issue, a doubt ]

Can we search results from field to a variable.
For example.

$visa_variable = "Citizen, Green Card, H1B";

now, how can we search relating to 3 words in variable without spliting or explode in php then
searching independently .

Hmm. thats it. thanks