Search not working in Graph - Kibana

I have created a graph using Kibana. When I search with the keyword "James" it shows the complete graph and no filter is happening .Please check the before and after screenshots

Hi jobyjohny,

I'm not sure what you expect to be the difference between these screenshots?

I think I'd need to see the raw docs/config if you can share them and a description of the issue.

If the issue is the "Matt" cluster appears unrelated to James it may be that the free-text query has found the word James somewhere in a Matt doc but in a field that is not configured to be a graph field (e.g. a text description perhaps). Maybe the query you enter needs to be more restrictive by either:

a) Prefixing the word james with a fieldname in the query string e.g. account_holder:James or
b) Typing raw query DSL into the search bar e.g. { "term":{ "account_holder":"James"} or
c) Typing raw Graph queries into the search bar e.g. { "vertices" ....

If the issue is the 2 islands should be connected then you can back-fill connections between the nodes you've already discovered using the link icon :


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