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I have created a graph using Kibana. When I search with the keyword "James" it shows the complete graph and no filter is happening .Please check the before and after screenshots

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Hi jobyjohny,

I'm not sure what you expect to be the difference between these screenshots?

I think I'd need to see the raw docs/config if you can share them and a description of the issue.

If the issue is the "Matt" cluster appears unrelated to James it may be that the free-text query has found the word James somewhere in a Matt doc but in a field that is not configured to be a graph field (e.g. a text description perhaps). Maybe the query you enter needs to be more restrictive by either:

a) Prefixing the word james with a fieldname in the query string e.g. account_holder:James or
b) Typing raw query DSL into the search bar e.g. { "term":{ "account_holder":"James"} or
c) Typing raw Graph queries into the search bar e.g. { "vertices" ....

If the issue is the 2 islands should be connected then you can back-fill connections between the nodes you've already discovered using the link icon :


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