Search query in graph returns no response

search query in graph returns no response,may i know the reason??

You'll need to give more information: what is the query you are trying to do? What is the expected response?

consider index name as "hospital",inside the index i have a field called "hospital name" and i have added "hospital name" as vertices in the graph ,,in the search query whatever i type or leave that search blank ,,it throws null response @EldrosKandar

Does the same search query throws result in "Discover" mode?

returning null response in graph @EldrosKandar

Did you select one of the "Selections" on the right side, does it change anything?

when i move cursor over there it shows restricted icon @EldrosKandar

any idea??

Have you tried with a query having multiple hit?
Also which version of Elasticsearch/Kibana are you running?

yeah i didnt look on number of documents to be involved ,by default it takes 3,i have only one ,,.changed the number of documents to be involved ..then it works

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