Search operation on Remote cluster is taking longer time

Hi All,

I have created two clusters in elasticsearch. When I try to do some search operations in their respective Kibana , it is working as expected.

I have connected cluster 2 as remote cluster of cluster 1. I am trying to run any search query on cluster 2 from kibana of cluster 1, it is taking lot of time sometimes. Can anyone suggest, how to improve it's performance.

If they are remote, what does that mean - same country?
How large are the clusters?
How big is the data you are querying?
What sort of queries are you running?

The output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API from each cluster might be helpful here too.

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Hi @warkolm : After upgrading ELK cluster to 7.10.2 it is working absolutely fine. Looks like there were some issues with v7.7

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