Search result in kibana dashboard can't click next page

(杨帅) #1

i using kibana 6.1.1.
In the search result of dashboard page, i found that i can't click "next" button, but there are lots of search result. i set discover:sampleSize = 10.
Look the red circle area in the picture below, the "next" button can't be clicked :

Please help me, thanks.

(Lukas Olson) #2

Since you've limited your results to 10, that's all you'll see here. The paging is for when your sample size is set to something higher than 50 and you have more than 50 results (since the default paging is 50 results).

(杨帅) #3

Thanks your reply. i know the mechanism. But i have a doubt why not click the next page button as search results have more than 50 results. Sometimes user maybe look the results after 50, this case, user must update the sample size, that is inconvenient.

(system) #4

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