Search Dashboard limit pages

(John Sennin'p Sarton) #1


When a add a Search to a Dashboard i'm limited to 10 pages.

Can i increase the number of pages ?



(Tim Sullivan) #2

Which version of Kibana are you using? I tried this in Kibana 4.6 and I can see links for more than 10 pages, whether the table is in the Visualization Editor or a Dashboard:

(John Sennin'p Sarton) #3

Thank you for reply,

I have Kibana 4.2.0.

Are you limited to 17 pages or not ?

(Tim Sullivan) #4

Hi John,

It looks like it is working. I see as many pages as I need for the amount of data I have.

Try adding more data, and you should see an increased number of pages

(system) #5