Increase search results page size

When you use a search in a dashboard, you can only view 50 results at a time and then you have to go to the next page:


For our use case, it's far more user-friendly to pull all the results (or at least 1000 or so at a time).

We are using Elastic/Kibana to replace our old system of trawling through 3000 line text files to view the logs generated by a process run. This process starts, generates up to ~3000 lines, and then stops, so for us it's useful to have a nice big scroll bar that can slide through this process chronologically. If I want to glance at what happened 150 lines ago, I'd rather not have to click the back arrow and wait for a page to load three times. It's also worth noting I don't ever expect to have much more than ~3000 lines per process run.

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