Search Weighting (URL)

Our URLs contains the keywords and would like to adjust the weighting.

For example:

This content is indexed into the site search but unable to search with keyword "parasite".

I tried to adjust the weighting of "url" to "4" but still unable to search this content with keyword "parasite".

Is it possible to be supported by Site Search?

From some quick testing, It doesn't appear to me that Site Search is capable of matching partial results on "url".

A potential workaround would be to add a "Meta Tag" to your pages that contain just the slugs from your URLs.

Something like:

<meta class="swiftype" name="url-slug" data-type="text" content="Parasite-92111" />

Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply. But I really want to resolve this issue.

My url is

I think I should able to search this content with "Parasite". Does anyone know why I cannot search this content. I confirmed "url" is included in the weighting section.


@stevetso I just confirmed that we only support exact matches on url. If you need to work around this, refer to Meta Tags documentation I posted above.

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