Searchable Complex JSON Object


Is there a way to have searchable complex data in APM?

We can have
but in this case this is not searchable.

We can use tags
but in this case only string values are permitted.


Hi Armen,

Thank you for your interest in Elastic APM!
We specifically designed it like this because it would be far too easy to fill up your indices with complex data if everything in context.custom would be indexed.

Could you explain a bit more about the use-case? How complex is the data you'd like to index? What does the structure look like?

Would you be able to pick out some of the fields and put them in tags instead?


Hi Ron,

Majority of our communication with client is achieved via webSocket as a result we can't utilize APM's automated request handling, but having custom transactions as a solution,it is just fine for us. The problem is that in case of http request APM will handle and if desired index request body as well, but in case of webSocket we have to do it ourselves.

The data is not that complex actually , and it is possible to pick them and put in tags.
One major issue but will still be in place, I'm not able or it is hard to change data types of specific fields.
In most of our request we have geo_point involved and I couldn't find good way to store fields as geo_point , this might be possible , but it seem I have to do some hacking to achieve my goal.

Anyway I'm actually very happy with the product, I just want to somehow help make it even better with my feedback :slight_smile:

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